Wednesday, June 24, 2009

White Box Condos

It's a bit slow at work today with the execs away on business through to the end of the week so I had time to catch up on my news and came across this article in the Star about "white box condos" in some US cities. The concept of buying an unfinished condo - the white box - which buyers can then outfit with paint, appliances and other finishes as they see fit is not a new idea. This is how developments are sold in Amsterdam (and possibly other European cities). I first found out about this through my cousins who both bought new condos in the last few years. D laid his own hardwood floors, picked out his own bathroom fixtures and is still undecided about his kitchen backsplash. While I love the convenience of having things edited by a designer so decisions are fairly easy to make come design time, there's a part of me - the part that watches too much HGTV - that relishes the idea of starting with a completely blank slate. Maybe this will hit Toronto when I'm ready to move onto my next home...and if that new home happens to be a condo, well, fun fun fun!

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