Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Birdcages and resistance

I've been inspired by the idea of using birdcages for display ever since coming across these images online:

I can't recall now where I came across the 2 above, but this one below is from a March 2008 house tour over at Apartment Therapy:

So when I stopped at the HomeSense in Etobicoke today, I was super-excited to see these over-sized birdcages:

Too bad there's not enough room in my condo for them.

I do have this small one below, which is also from HomeSense. I found it in March and added the clip-on butterflies which I picked up at the Ideal Home Show in London a couple months ago.

But the hardest thing for me to resist tonight was this pair of Oriental garden stools:

Even though I already have one for my balcony, and I'm not sure I really need two of them, I just could not help myself. Plus the price was so right! Yes. I am weak.

1 comment:

unitb612 said...

great post! makes me want one but the place i'm renting is too tiny. in fact, we have to use our balcony as extra storage space! would love to have a balcony like yours-

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