Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Restaurant Hofmann

We dined at Restaurant Hofmann for lunch today, a culinary school in Barcelona which A had dined at her last visit here. The restaurant used to be located near Santa Maria del Mar but has since moved to a location that seems to be off the typical tourist path, which might have explained why we were the only tourists (and women) in a room of middle-aged businessmen.

We had the prix fixe, which was 5 courses with 2 options each so we smartly ordered one of each menu so that we could try everything by switching plates half-way through each course. It seems I've misplaced the menu so the descriptions will be hit and miss. The artistry of some of the courses, the desserts and their skills with sugar in particular, is quite impressive.

Amuses: Candied walnut, rolled wafer, fish croquette, cheese puff and strawberry puree shot

Samosa of green peas and quail

The yummy bread basket, presumably made in-house

Coca of sardines

Squid and ink pasta

Salmon with spinach...can't remember what the crispy stuff atop it was made of

Drawing a blank...but this was seafood

Ditto - but obviously red meat

See above.

Cheesecake with a raspberry surprise in the middle. The shot of raspberry sorbet is completely edible.

Chocolate bombe with almond ice cream which reminded me of a Caramilk ice cream bar. The sugar-spun vase holding the candied nuts was thinner then cellophane.

The sweets that came with our Cafe con Leche

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