Saturday, April 04, 2009

4 Days and Counting...

When I first booked my trip to Europe, I felt like I had all this time to prepare and research things to do and see so I kept putting it off. But now it's upon me and I feel anxious because I don't have my spreadsheet compiled with said list of things to do and see, and I still don't have a hotel for Barcelona, which is really my cousin A's fault since she's so high maintenance and insists on 5 star.

So 4 days to go and I have a long list of To-Dos to get through this weekend including the preparation and filing of my taxes, a pedicure in anticipation of sandal days in Spain, cleaning my place so my friend who's house-sitting for me won't think I'm a slob, and picking up the requests I've gotten from my cousins which include, oddly enough: hair gel, cherry-flavoured TicTacs, and hand cream. :)

Best get to it!


Wanderluster said...

We stayed at for part of our honeymoon in Barcelona. I highly recommend it. Their rooftop deck offers a spectacular view of Las Ramblas and you should definitely try out their swimming pool grotto too.

Some must do's in Barcelona:
- enjoy churros con chocolat at Cafe de l'Opera
- check out Park Guell
- tour the Sagrada Familia. Its pretty awesome.

phoenix said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Wanderluster!

Hotel 1898 is on the list I forwarded to my cousin who'll be making the decision. I figure we won't be spending much time in our hotel anyway so it doesn't have to be amazing or anything, but she's of a different mind. :)

The Lone Beader said...

Lucky! I wish I were going! If I can afford it, I hope to go away in the summer. We'll see... Hopefully I can make that decision sometime next month. I hope you have fun! :o

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