Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We dined at Alkimia last night, which is #2 on Barcelona.com's Top 10 Restaurants List. It was recently awarded a Michelin star, which came as no surprise because the food was exceptional and the service was professional and fun at the same time.

A and I were the first to arrive just after 8:30, which is early for Barcelona and were the last to leave about 4.5 hours later. We opted for the Menu Alkimia, a 9 course tasting along with matching wines.

Appetizer #1: Savoury tomato essence to be taken as a shot after the slice of sausage

Wine pairing #1: First of many a pretty wine label

Appetizer #2: Slice of tomato with a ceviche (if I recall correctly) in a creamy foam

1st Course: Coca of anchovy with roasted vegetables and truffle butter

Wine Pairing #2

2nd Course: Amberjack marinated with summer tomatoes, cottage cheese, nectar of strawberries

3rd Course: Pickled oysters with glazed cheek, sauteed spinach

Wine pairing #3

4th Course: Wild mushroom morels stuffed with meatball, pine nuts

5th Course: Egg bonbon with potatoes, quince, sausage

Wine Pairing #3

6th Course: Iberian pork with cheese, asparagus and beet

7th Course: Prawn "a la mano"

8th Course: Red mullet with seawater (A+++ for presentation - the "seawater" is blue from boiling purple cabbage and purple basil and was poured into the bowl at the table)

Wine Pairing #4

9th Course: Shin of veal, glazed green beans, olives and coconut

Dessert #1: Almond ice cream with citrus, basil and orange blossom

Wine Pairing #5: I'm generally a Port girl but this 20 yo Sherry was fantastic

Dessert #2: Bitter chocolate with raspberry cream and eucalyptus ice cream

Dessert Bonus Round: From left to right - Chocolate lollipop with mint ice cream (see the centre below), white chocolate and mango mousse, chocolate bonbon with coconut filling and green tea macaroon

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The Lone Beader said...

Wow, this is quite a restaurant! I don't think I have ever gone to a place where the plates are so large, and the food portions are so small. It is usually the other way around for me! ;)

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