Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cinc Sentits

Cinc Sentits is the scene of our last tasting this trip. We vowed after this meal that we were going to get back to simple foods because our tastebuds simply can not handle the sensory overload caused by all the exceptional food we've had to date.

This Michelin Star resto is run by Catalan-Canadian siblings, one of whom, coincidentally, was at the University of Waterloo 2 years ahead of me studying English.

Like Alkimia the night before, we opted for the full 8-course Sensacions tasting along with matching wines and were impressed by the quality and creativity. While the food was just as wonderful and I really appreciated that the servers presented each wine with tasting notes, we didn't have nearly as much fun as we did with the servers at Alkimia...for the most part, the servers seemed to take their jobs a little too seriously.

Cinc Sentis tasting shot of Canadian Maple Syrup, Cream and Cava foam. There was a bit of salt at the bottom of the glass which was an interesting contrast to the sweetness of the maple syrup. This was super-creamy and reminded me of a toffee taste-wise.

Asparagus with mussel marinated in the house "escabetx", seawater jelly and lemon (the one without asparagus is mine. Can't stand it.)

Foie gras coca with glazed leeks, carmelized sugar and chive "arrope"

"Arroz a Banda," their version of paella with a crispy shell, rather like my favourite Dutch krokets, with grilled baby squid and saffron aioli

Turbot with spring "la floreta" peas, garlic shoot puree and "chicharron" dust

Iberian Suckling Pig, cooked over 24 hours, with apple in 2 textures and "ratafia"

Blue cheese, brioche, pear and honey

Strawberries from the Maresme "menjarblanc" with rhubarb

"Grand Cru" Chocolate 67% with olive ice cream, shattered bread and macadamias

Banana and white chocolate muffin with coconut cream and mango mousse - the latter reminded me of a mango lassi

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