Monday, April 06, 2009

"Gorgeous Teeth"

That's what one of the hygienists said as as they were working at putting the permanent wire in behind my bottom teeth before taking the braces off - which they offered to me as a souvenir. (, thank you.) I can't help but smile now and run my tongue across the front of my teeth. So smooth. I also can't help but run it across the back because there are these little bumps now where the bonding agent was applied to keep the wire in place.

To celebrate the occasion, my orthodontist had a presentation for me, which I'd missed the first time around - after we had our picture taken together for his wall, he gathered his staff around and they sang me a song to the beat of a toy drum and tambourine: "You're braces are off, they're off, they're off! Hurrah! Hurrah! You're braces are off, they're off, they're off! Hurrah! Hurrah!" It was just a touch embarassing, but at least there were gift certificates from Baskin Robbins to sweeten the deal. :)

My braces are off! They're off! They're off! Hurrah! Hurrah!! :D

Now if only I had an apple to bite into...It's been about 14 months since I've bitten into a whole apple and since I'm leaving in a couple days, I haven't re-stocked my fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables so I'm apple-less. Oh well. Meanwhile, my bag's still not packed, but my cabs are booked!


joyce said...

Great timing! You will have to bite into some European fruit instead. I remember the day I got my braces off and they do feel so smooth! I just wish I had them later in life - my wisdom teeth grew in afterwards and pushed them back close to where they were before. :(

joyce said...

This one is a little late. Re: Hotel in Barcelona, I stayed at a placed called "Gothic" (the hotel is actually named that, not just the area) and it was very close to the subway. I remember paying an arm and a leg for it but I liked the location more than the hotel itself.

The Lone Beader said...

Yay!!! That must feel great!

Patsy said...

Hi there Phoenix! Two years ago before we move to Illinois I had my braces removed too. So I perfectly understand how you feel. Although I can't deny that my braces did help in improving my teeth, I can't describe how happy I am not to see those shiny braces. Even though I am not wearing braces anymore I make it a point to visit my Bloomington IL, dentist. I am just glad that my friend Lisa recommended her dentist. Bloomington, IL, where we moved is surrounded with superb dental facilities and this is certainly good news for us.

Thanks Phoenix for sharing your experience.

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