Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Working from home

I'm presently sitting at my kitchen table with the sunlight streaming in and the verdant hues of my mother's many shrubs and vines serving as my view. I love working from home. I slept in an extra 1.5 hour this morning since I didn't have to commute into the office and am working in my pjs. :)

After yesterday's brutal commute - signal problems at Bloor meant my usual 40 minute ride to work stretched out to almost 2 hours! - it was nice to start my day off gently with a cup of coffee and checking my emails. Actually...all I've done is check emails and browse headlines since starting my "work day" shortly after 8...suppose I should get some work done before I have to get dressed for my ortho appointment!

1 comment:

vanessa said...

clicked through from apartment therapy and noticed your blog list for TO. thought you might like a site called

very nicely laid out new apartment and i sympathize with your ttc woes! the only guarantee with them i have is that they'll never be on time.

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