Monday, June 23, 2008

'Officially Yours'

Craig David's latest disc, Trust Me, has been out for awhile and I've only just realized after getting an email from his site about the third single, Officially Yours, dropping today. I've been a fan of his smooth vocals since his debut in 2001 with Born To Do It. I was in Europe that summer and he was literally EVERYWHERE! For whatever reason - maybe because his lyrics err on the side of sweet and sappy as opposed to hard and raunchy which is rather typical of the RnB on the radio here? - his subsequent discs haven't met with the same success as his debut did in North America, which is disappointing because he's an act I would definitely see live.

Maybe I'll be able to catch him when I'm across the pond next spring if he happens to be touring?? Here's to hoping....In the meantime, check out the the video for Officially Yours below:

And here he is in Rise and Fall with Sting:

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