Thursday, June 05, 2008

She came with an agenda

I caught up over dinner with a few of my friends who I met in the CMA program, a couple of whom I haven't seen since New Year's Eve. G's wife E, is 5 mos pregnant and I'm so glad for them because the last time I had met E for lunch, she'd mentioned that they were trying.

But the most fun was C, who came with an agenda to set not only me but wL up. She played a good game, answering all the questions we inevitably peppered her with - I actually didn't have to do much work question-wise because E and G were all over it on my behalf. C was pretty good at selling her candidates and defending her position - although the guy she wants to set me up with likes to shop at Holt Renfrew...which is fine...except I wonder if he's high maintenance...i.e. is he vain and superficial? Assuming like attracts like, he can't be if he's best friend's with C's husband. Anyway, we'll see. We asked for pictures and what do you know, when I got home, eager C has them waiting in our inboxes! :)

Will let you know if anything comes of it...coincidentally, S asked me recently if I was still interested in being set-up with a guy that I'd actually met briefly last year who, at the time, I thought was kinda cute but over time, had forgotten what he looked like. So we'll see.

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