Monday, October 08, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend round-up

It's Thanksgiving in Canada so hurray for long weekends! It turned out to be a pretty busy one too.

I got my haircut Saturday morning at my usual salon, although my stylist S is still on mat leave. After the unsatsifactory cut I got last May, I decided to give P a try and she was pretty good, although not S. I asked how S was doing and when she would be back - apparently the plan is to come back on a part-time basis in January, but P suspects that she won't come back at all since she'd be commuting from Oakville with the baby at home. This makes me sad, and causes me some distress because while I love S, I'm not prepared to trek out to Oakville to get my haircut if that's how things play out. Bloor West Village is as far west as I am willing to go.

So what'd I do this time? P lopped off about 4 inches to clean up the mess from my last cut and I got me some bangs that I'm not sure about since I'm not used to having hair on my forehead. My hair grows out so fast anyway that it'll only be a pain in the butt for about a month and then it'll be long enought to tuck safely behind my air.

I spent some QT with my brother in the afternoon picking out fabric for some custom made dress shirts by Hong Kong tailor Maxwell's Clothiers and then spent the evening having dinner with wL at Embrujo Flamenco on the Danforth, a great tapas restaurant that has live flamenco performances nightly. The food was great and it just so happened that Canadian rapper turned actor Wes Williams, better known as Maestro Fresh Wes of "Let Your Backbone Slide" fame was dining at the next table with his wife. Anyway, no story here except that he seemed like a really nice guy at the restaurant.

I spent yesterday with a couple classmates from my mandarin class hiking at Hilton Falls. It was a foggy, gray day and thanks to the storm from the day before, much of the leaves had fallen to the ground. There was some nice colour to be found - although not as much of the brilliant reds and oranges as I would have liked. Plus, I got bitten by a mosquito and it is soooo itchy!

After a late lunch, I met up with S&W and we headed on over to G.H. Johnson to check out some furnishings - they'd just moved into their new apartment the day before and needed to find some more storage in the way of night tables and dressers. I found a couple things I liked, including this sectional, although I'm not sure about the leather:

I also really like this sofa, which has great a mid-century vibe to it:

Of the two, the contempory look of the sectional better suits my loft space. The sofa will look out-of-place if set in my living area with its 10' walls and exposed concrete ceilings. We finished off the night with Indian at Tabla, so my craving for butter chicken and na'an is sated until the next one hits.

Which brings us to today. I went for a 5K run with wL this morning and thanks to him, ran my fastest 5K to date, finishing in about 30 minutes. I think we're going to try to run together more often, which is good for me since he's a better runner than I am and therefore challenges me to do better.

It was humid and so warm today that we actually set a new record for October 8th by hitting 31C today. All I know is that it was enough to send me to bed for a couple hours in the afternoon before getting up to make dinner. In lieu of the usual roasted turkey that my mother makes, I made herb and garlic-crusted beef tenderloin and paired it with a pea risotto - both super-easy to make and very yummy to eat - since my brother complained that turkey's too dry. I disagree, but he's usually so low-maintenance and "whatever" that the odd time he makes a request, we try to accomodate him.

That's it then. I was going to post my Peru pictures but it's just too darn warm, so warm that it makes me sleepy so I'm not going to fight it any longer...

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The Lone Beader said...

I forgot that Canada had a Thanksgiving... Mmmm.... Beef tenderloin sounds good...I get tired of turkey... :D

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