Sunday, October 14, 2007

So adorable...

I met N's new baby girl M today and she is the sweetest, tiny little thing. Her skin was so soft and her feet and hands so small! And N, who gave birth 2 weeks ago doesn't look like she was pregnant at all, except for the bigger boobs. :)

It's lovely to see N&G as parents. I've always considered them as the ideal for a marriage - granted, I don't have very many close married friends, but they were high school sweethearts and managed to grow together rather than apart. And while their relationship has had its challenges, they've managed to work things out rather than give up at the first sign of trouble, which says a lot in this age of disposable everything.

After spending a couple hours cooing over M, wL and I went for another run. I managed to shave another 15 seconds off my time by coming in at 28 min and 45 sec. AND! I was able to run with greater ease today - it didn't seem like I had to work as hard to keep up with wL, even though I did trail him by about 50 metres consistently in the last couple kilometres, I didn't feel the hint of a stitch until about 3km in and even then, I was able to breathe through it.

We're hoping to schedule in another run during the week if the weather's good - the forecast calls for rain Mon/Tues and I don't run in the rain - and then I'm on my own for a couple weeks because he's off on a trip to the Middle East, spending 16 days on a tour covering Israel, Jordan and Egypt. :(

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