Thursday, October 11, 2007

Girls' long weekend redux!

I just got off the phone from booking my flight to LA in November!!! Girls' long weekend redux! Yay!

I'm visiting my best girl W and we're going to shop and eat and shop some more! And speaking of shopping...I already started with 4 cashmere(!!) sweaters from J. Crew! I took advantage of the free shipping offer that expired yesterday and had my goodies shipped to W so as to save on the duty. Ah well...waiting a month to caress their softness is a small price to pay...and considering all the money I'll probably be spending, I've got to save where I can. ;)


The Lone Beader said...

I am so jealous!!! I think we should have a girls weekend!! I need someone who can convince me to buy a cashmere sweater that I don't need:) I love JCrew stuff, too. Now, I need to go there. Thanks... :/

Brilliant Asylum said...

Four cashmere sweaters at once!! What a luxury. I am ready to stock up on a few myself. J. Crew's are so cute this year--especially with the little crowns, birds, etc., embroidered into the tag. A good tag always makes me happy--even though no one else can see it.

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