Saturday, October 13, 2007

Drunk on Wildass Red

It's Saturday night and I'm drunk on Wildass Red 2004 - a fine, easy-to-drink "big, bold, and beautiful" vintage made of "Cabernet/Merlot with a hint of Gamay to keep it real!"

I started the day off with a 5k run with wL, and I must admit that the brisk, cool air this morning made me question whether it was a good idea to run at all. Turns out it was a great idea because I shaved another minute off my run-time - 5K in 29 minutes, baby! We've a date to do it again tomorrow afternoon - perhaps I'll improve my time a bit more... :)

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful...I got home after my the paper...ate lunch...headed to mandarin shopped...then proceeded to get drunk on a whole bottle of Wildass Red with dinner.

Aside from sharing my drunkeness, I have a condo status update, as I stopped by yesterday after work. There's just one more floor to go and they should be adding the "precast concrete panels and floor to ceiling glass" exterior!

View from the west

View from the east

While I wait for that to come around, my hunt for furnishings continues...I found the latest candidate at BLVD Interiors on Queen West - by day, it masquarades as a sleek, armless sofa that's surprisingly comfortable:

And by night, it's a cool sofa-bed that's bigger than a single but smaller than a double:

I wish my condo would just hurry up and be built already because just as I begin to think I've decided on what I'd like in my space, I see something else that changes my the armless sofa-bed above. I thought initially that a sectional like this would be a great idea, and then I thought no, perhaps a sofa like this - both of which, you may notice, are tufted variations with arms. But now that I've seen this sofa-bed, I'm thinking armless may be the way to go, particularly as this is so much more practical since this would double as a guest bed - it's affordable, and it's also so much more stylish than a futon! Anyway...I'm sure I'll change my mind again as I visit more furniture stores...but for now, this and the sectional are tops on my list.

Oh! I also stopped off at John Fluevog and tried both pairs of boots that I've been coveting. While the brown boots looked fantastic on, they were a workout-and-a-half to put on and take off, so I'm rather disappointed to say the least - I don't know about you, but I don't have a footman in my non-existant entourage so boots that require help to remove are a no-no. The bad-ass black boots looked pretty damn good too and were soooo much easier to put on and take off that I think I may just buy them after all at the LA Fluevog store. We shall see...if they're in store then they were meant to be mine...otherwise, there are other boots to be worn.

I must now take my drunk ass to bed...I've plans for dim sum with my family in the morning before meeting my friend N's new baby girl M, who looks like her daddy G. :)


The Lone Beader said...

Ha! Drunk blogging! That's so fun, isn't it?? LOL. Also, I hope they finish building your condo soon, too. And, that sofa bed is way cool. I could use something like that... :)

applevenusian said...

oooh, you get chatty when you do drunken blogging! hee hee.

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