Monday, October 01, 2007

I knew why he called

My friend J, who rarely calls, left me a voicemail around 7:30pm. I was surprised to see his number in my missed call list and when I stopped to wonder why he called, I thought to myself...mmm...maybe he's calling to tell me he's engaged.

I called him back about 15 minutes ago and lo and behold, I was right. He's engaged. To a girl that I don't like. Which doesn't matter because he's the one in the relationship with her. The problem is that from early conversations, it seemed like he was settling.

So I asked him how he knew she was the one, a question I often ask of the engaged - and after trying to give me the usual "you just know" bullshit which I didn't accept, he proceeded to give me, in his words, a clinical answer, which included the comparison to one's checklist of qualities in an ideal mate, agreement in fundamental values, and something about not having to feel like you had to talk yourself into the proposal and having no doubts.

He sounded happy and I'm glad for him. But I still don't like her - and it's not because I want him for myself.

Friendships are not transitive.


Paolo Moschini said...

.. very interesting ..
.. nice Blog .. I wait u in Italy on mine ..

.. smile'n suerte.

The Lone Beader said...

Ah well... you can't change how you feel... hopefully he really is happy.

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