Friday, March 16, 2007


It has been one of those entirely unproductive weeks at work. I don't think I got ONE thing completely done. And even though it's only been a 4-day work week for me, the weekend seemed to take freakin' 2(!!!) weeks to arrive. Why is that? Is it the time change? Is it that it's March Break and two-thirds of my team isn't in the office this week? I don't know, but it sucked eggs.

I'm now biding my time, surfing the net at my desk as I wait for a couple friends to start the weekend. We have plans to check out the Toronto Art Expo tonight after work but since they're on a different team, with a less flexible schedule, they have to stay until 5. Meanwhile, my boss left almost an hour ago. Ah well.

I'm so bored.

Waiting sucks.

This is a lame post.

I'm going to surf some more now.


Heather said...

So is your name really Phoenix or is that just a nickname/username? I really love it. It's my son's name.

I saw your post on in response to her hatemail and decided to check out a person going by that name. It's not common and I was just curious.

phoenix said...

Hi Heather - thanks for stopping by!

Phoenix is the first part of my Chinese name, which is Feng Qi. It's actually fairly common for girls to be named Feng since the phoenix (feng4) has always been symbolic of the feminine. For this reason too, you'll find many boys with dragon in part of their name since the dragon (long2) has always been symbolic of the masculine in Chinese culture.

It's pretty cool that your son's name is Phoenix, and it's certainly unique.

The Lone Beader said...

How was the Art Expo?? I wish I could have gone... Also, that was an interesting explanation about where your name originates from:)

Oh, in Boston, we still say 'wicked' to describe things...Wicked cool, wicked good time, wicked nasty, wicked pissa...(the last one also means wicked cool. LOL) Anyways, you get the idea. I believe it originates from the Salem Witch trials=:)

Talk at ya lata!

phoenix said...

LB, the art expo was amazing! I think you would have really enjoyed it! I must have picked up about 30 cards of artists that I liked. I will be writing about it in a post later this weekend, time allowing.

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