Saturday, March 10, 2007

Daydreams that sparkle and shine

Before meeting the boy for dinner last night, I met up with my girlfriend with plans to visit Birks and Tiffany to try on rings.

We hit Birks first, where I wanted to try on this new sapphire and diamond version of the right-hand ring I'd come across last fall. It looked good, but the original all-diamond version looked better on my finger. At $1200(!!) more, it'll be a long while yet before this lovely graces my right hand, which is fine though, because I haven't yet come up with the appropriate milestone to warrant such a big ticket purchase. It's going to have to be a good one too.

I've also had my eye on Frank Gehry's Torque ring in the brown banded agate at Tiffany for a little while now and decided it was about time I tried it on to see if it actually looked good on my finger, lest I waste any more time thinking about it. I love the design but I had misgivings about the wide band - turns out I was right - it made my finger look stumpy, fat and rather manly. Not flattering at all.

I picked up a couple of their catalogues, including The Blue Book, over which I spent considerable time oohing and aahing over the green tourmaline and aquamarine bracelet, which costs a whopping $104,500!!! My heart skipped a beat. What I really loved though, was the Tiffany Novo - their new cushion-cut diamond. It's fantastic, and with the matching bead-set diamond wedding band? Sigh. I'm so over their Legacy diamond engagement ring! The Novo is the way to go! Hehe!

OK. Daydream over.

The gratifying moment though was when I was complemented not once, but twice, on my citrine and carnelian rope necklace on two seperate occassions by the Tiffany sales associates! I was too embarassed to admit that I had made the piece in Tiffany, but it certainly made me smile real big inside! :)

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