Friday, March 09, 2007

Busy busy bee am I

One thing I learned: Another word for a dandy or fop is macaroni(!), which, in mid-18th-century England, was a fashionable fellow who dressed and even spoke in an outlandishly affected manner.

One thing I'm grateful for: my friends, who talked me out of my tree, yet again, for overreacting about the boy's "weird" behaviour over the last few days. As per WC, a fellow boy: "don't spend too much time fretting about it and just let whatever happen, happen...y'knowhatimean?...boys are silly...i'm sure we all know that!"

One thing that made me laugh: Conversation with my team over Friday morning breakfast snacks - my big boss waxing poetic about, among other things, the wonder of the built-in DVD player in the car on long drives chaufferuing his kid from town to town for soccer tourneys.

Date night with the boy - we're going out for Indian food tonight. He'd been acting a little out of character the last week - and I of course, forgot momentarily that I was going to chill this time around and overreacted by acting like a girl - I analyzed and second-guessed and got all paranoid...but thankfully, my friends calmed me down and reminded me what's what. He and I spoke on the phone last night and things seemed it seems my little freak-out was unwarranted.

I've also been very busy the last couple weeks working on jewelry since I was asked to provide some for a fashion show that will be taped this coming Monday for a Cantonese show produced by a national Chinese lanuguage TV network here. I'm excited by the opportunity for the exposure, but am also wary about not getting my hopes up about it and then being disappointed you sense a pattern here??

The other good news is that I have my first appointment this Sunday with a bride-to-be who called me Monday about a consultation for custom jewelry for her May wedding. Busy busy busy.

Meanwhile, I've been a bad student and haven't practiced my mandarin or done my homework. : (

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