Friday, March 30, 2007

Quantity. Not Quality.

I went shopping after work today and did real good! I've been feeling restless for the last, oh, say, month or so. Can't explain it, and nothing has really been able to assuage it. So I went shopping. Again.

This time, I bought lots! And all within 1.5 hours! I stuck to just one floor with my goal to hit H&M for some cheap, seasonal wear. And by seasonal, I don't mean spring stuff...more like clothing that's cheap and disposable in the sense that you don't have to feel guilty about if you just wear it the one season.

Anyway, after browsing and trying on oh, I don't know, 50 or so different items, I left with bags from Jacob, Suzy Shier and H&M. I spent around $200 on 14 items!!! :) See! I did good! I bought a lot of basics - I picked up 10 tanktop/camisoles in various colours:

My brother: "What do you need so many tanks for?"
Me: "Why, to layer with."

I also bought 2 t-shirts, a short-sleeved wrap blouse and a little black dress.

I had my eye on a couple items from the M by Madonna collection. I liked the white button-down short-sleeved blouse but they didn't have my size, and a black dress, also not available in my size. I tried the taupe-coloured version but it made me look washed-out. So no M for me.

Oh well. I'm happy with my haul. It will do until I need my next hit of retail therapy.

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