Monday, March 12, 2007

Coming to a small screen near you...

I took the day off from work since the show on which my jewelry will be making its small screen debut was taped today at my friend's studio-store.

For the last week, I've been working on pieces to accessorize the dresses that will be worn during the fashion show portion of the taping. There were 3 models, each scheduled to wear 10 dresses. Since the dresses weren't finalized until Wednesday, it was impossible for me to make something for each dress. In the end, I made about a dozen pieces, mostly earrings and bracelets since many of the gowns were heavily-beaded around the bodice. It all worked out rather well since a number of the pieces were versatile enough to be repeated with different dresses.

It was so cool to see the jewelry on someone other than myself, and with dress that's appropriate for the jewelry. For one thing, a lot of the earrings I made were chandelier-style, and since I tend not to wear them, they look weird on me when I look in the mirror. For another, I don't have fancy gowns readily available at home to see how they look with the right dress. To have the opportunity to see the jewelry on a model all dressed up? Wow.

To backtrack a bit, my day in the studio started around 10:30. The girls were about 30 minutes for the 11am start time so everything ended up being pushed back. It was interesting to get a taste of what goes on in a fashion show atmosphere. Aside from accessorizing all the girls, I was charged with helping one of them get in and out of her dresses. There was a lot of waiting waiting waiting in between changes.

The taping of the models took about 2 hours and then we broke for an hour. I left to grab a bite and run some errands and was back for 3pm, at which time the photographer had arrived to take the stills. Since the interview portion of the show was going on in another part of the store, we had to be quiet on the other side. More with the waiting waiting waiting. We finally wrapped around 6:30.

And now that it's done, I wait some more. The show is expected to air two weeks this Friday on Fairchild between 6 and 7pm. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. My friend asked that I be given a credit for the jewelry, so we'll see if they remember. I'm glad I decided to take the day off. If nothing comes of this publicity, at least I had a lot of fun.

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