Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chocolate and Roses

What is it about chocolate and romance that it makes such a wonderful combination?  In the last couple weeks I've collected several recipes for tempting chocolate treats and decided to give this one I found over at Desserts for Breakfast a try.  I've had a bottle of rosewater in my pantry for ever so these double chocolate espresso pound cakes with rose-scented cream cheese frosting were just the excuse I needed to finally open the bottle!

The recipe as written called for 30-40 minutes baking time - I left them in for 35 but they came out rather dry so I'm thinking of cutting the time down to 25 the next time around.  I also couldn't find black cocoa at my local grocer so they didn't come out as rich and dark as Steph's.

Here's my attempt - amateur frosting technique or lack thereof - and all. I'm bringing them for dessert to S&W's where I've been invited for shabu shabu tonight:
And here's Steph's gorgeous cakes which inspired my efforts this weekend:
Photo via Desserts for Breakfast

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