Sunday, May 31, 2009

WIP: Balcony

The furniture I purchased last Friday for my balcony was delivered late this past Friday afternoon and here's what it looks like all set up:

I purposely didn't get a corner piece for the end because I wanted the side of the sectional closest to the door to be open. Also, my balcony is very wide - the sectional covers less then half of it - and I'm thinking of placing a bistro set on the other half. If my outdoor room's crowded with people, I like the option of being able to seat 4 (or 5 if super-cozy) rather than just 3 because of the arm at the end.

In an effort to finish the room, I spent this afternoon at HomeSense looking for the perfect garden drum stool. I first saw their great collection a couple weeks ago and came away with a simple one in metallic gunmetal grey to complement the metal finish of the sectional. I spied some gorgeous embellished stools in green but they didn't go with the contemporary lines of the sectional, nor the soft blue of the cushions. Oh well...

Thanks to all the nearby construction, the wind's kicked up an amazing amount of dust so I made another stop at Canadian Tire to pick up a storage bench to pack some of the cushions in when they're not in use, and a vinyl cover to protect the rest. This will save me from having to wipe things down each and every time I want to use it, which would certainly drive me nuts.

Next week, I'm thinking it's time to plant the assorted ranunculus bulbs I brought back from Amsterdam. I've been keeping my eyes open for the perfect planter box(es) but haven't quite found what it is I'm looking for. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be successful next week!

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