Friday, May 22, 2009

Lounging in Monaco

Summer hours started for me today and I spent part of my half day at Canadian Tire where I finally pulled the trigger on some outdoor furniture for my balcony. Behold, the Monaco Collection:

Never mind the numbers on the image - I couldn't find one without them - isn't it pretty? It's fairly comfortable too and this is precisely the configuration I bought except that I got 2 armless middle chairs and just one corner piece as opposed to vice versa in the photo. I didn't get the matching table - I'm thinking garden drum stools instead...and maybe a little bistro set in a similar soft blue I saw at HomeSense a couple weeks ago...assuming it's still there.

The Bay/Dundas location offers free delivery for orders over $100 so I'm just waiting now for the call to arrange a time. Maybe it'll arrive in time so that I can serve brunch for a couple of my girlfriends out there next Saturday....and ooh! sangria parties! :)

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