Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lucky Me

The weather was perfect for a 10K run, which is how I spent my morning. I didn't beat last year's time as was my original goal, which was OK by me. I ran it without stopping to walk (except for the few steps at the 4K mark for Gatorade and water) and even had enough juice at the end to pick up the speed for my finish.

After showering, I headed out for brunch on the Czehoski patio and ordered steak and eggs for the first time. I ran on an empty stomach so was famished. A few bites in, I heard a big plop! A bird had shat above and it landed smack dab onto my steak. I couldn't help but laugh at my luck. The waitress kindly took it away and the chef offered to make me something else, so I opted for the french toast. When it arrived, I ate it promptly, partly because I was so hungry, but also to avoid a redux.

My next scheduled event is the Acura Toronto 10-Miler at The Distillery on July 19. My tentative goal is to work up to the Waterfront Half at the end of September...depending on how I feel after running the 10 Miler which is the equivalent of 16K, I'll register for the half...ambitious? Perhaps. But we all need something to work towards, right?

Meanwhile, the jackpot for this Wednesday's Lotto 649 draw is a modest $9MM and I'm hoping I have the winning ticket.

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