Monday, January 26, 2009

I am slowly...

...going crazy. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 switch!

You know when you're just so stressed and under pressure that if you don't laugh you'll just cry?

Well, that was me today. After my 8am meeting, I had a couple hours to make a bunch of changes in preparation for the noon meeting with one of the head honchos of our parent company and I didn't have time to think about how little time there was to get what I needed done done. All I could do was do.

Our 1 hour meeting went on for an extra hour and I somehow lost an hour because when I met my team for our status meeting at 3pm, I somehow thought it was 2pm! After stepping out of it for 20 minutes because I'd agreed to a 3:15 huddle with my work team, I finished the meeting laughing so hard I cried for a couple minutes. And it wasn't even that funny! My manager was wearing a striped sweater with striped socks and he's not the type to plan such things - you know, he's the guy who just pulls out whatever he pulls out of his sock drawer and puts them on without even noticing? Well, I, of course, noticed and asked him if he made a conscious decision to wear them...and he looked at me and said, "You know the answer to that question." And I started laughing so hard I couldn't stop and the tears started rolling out of my eyes and I felt soooo much better.

I laughed about it again the second time when I shared it with the manager on my work team. She looked like she could use a laugh too - but it wasn't nearly as funny to her...she only laughed because I was laughing again, so hard that I was crying. I know. Lame, right? Sometimes it's the little things that keep us from going crazy. This was it for me today. Thank you and good night.

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