Saturday, January 17, 2009

Close call!

I went in for a haircut with my stylist in Yorkville and even though she took off about 6 inches, my hair is still just past shoulder length. I feel like I've lost 5lbs! Anyway, because I had extra time on the meter, I decided to do some shopping. I'd stopped in the HMV on Queen West last night and picked up some DVDs and CDs on sale and wanted to see if there was anything different at the Bloor location. Well....I happened to pass by Holt Renfrew along the way and noticed the signs for their Now or Never after a moment's pause to consider whether or not I wanted to tempt myself, I walked in. There was an amazing Bottega Veneta shoulder bag in an extraordinary purple patent leather but even on sale it was about $1000 - more than a mortgage payment! So I had to put it down.

BUT! There was a brown Coach leather bag that caught my eye and I walked around with it for a bit before one of the sales associates offered to hold it for me. So I put my name down and wandered around a bit...and in that time, I asked myself if I really truly needed another purse. And the answer was no. So I escaped unscathed...with just a teensy bit of regret because it was a really nice purse. I just need to be responsible now. sniff sniff.


joyce said...

OOooo that's so difficult! I probably would have bought the Coach leather bag after watching "Bride Wars" and seeing Anne Hathaway with her Coach Gigi.

The Lone Beader said...

I have never owned anything Coach. It is way over my price range!

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