Thursday, May 01, 2008

Managing through the summer

My manager called a meeting with me and AL just before the work day ended. It was out of the ordinary and when we were behind closed doors, he told us that we were getting a summer MBA student.

Then he told AL that he needed to talk to me alone and this is when I found out that I was going to be managing our summer hire! I didn't know what to was completey unexpected, and when he asked if I was shocked or surprised, I said both...and that I needed time to process because I'm slow that way.

I haven't completely taken it in, but I really appreciate the chance that I've been given...and I wonder why this opportunity was given to me rather than someone else. Interviews will be held next Wednesday and I'll be taking part in them...and never having gone through the process before, at least on the other side, I'm feeling overwhelmed.

As with most things, I want to prepare for this but this just makes my next week busier than it already is - which I mentioned...but it's OK. I just need to chill...Keep calm and carry on - the more I think about this message, the more I want this print. But what colour? And where to hang it? Hmmm...

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