Thursday, May 08, 2008


My sister and piglet are in town until Sunday so I've spent what time I have in the evenings playing with her when I'm not working on the files I've brought home. Work has been very busy this week and it promises to carry through to after the Victoria Day long weekend because I've got a couple of financial models to work through while the business owners are away on course for the next week.

There are not enough hours in the week! I went to McMaster University in Hamilton yesterday to interview a few MBA students for the current summer term and not one was a satisfactory choice. I can say that it's definitely better being on the other side of the interview table, although it has its own pressures because you have to actively listen to make sure your question has been answered...that was the hard part...because people can ramble. I think we may be back for a second round...we shall see.

Otherwise, I've also been meaning to post the pics I took of my dinner at Susur last Saturday but just have not gotten around to it...will try this weekend after my sister and the piglet leave.

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