Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yay for offsites!

One thing I learned: I'd make a terrible fighter pilot.

One thing I'm grateful for: My mom, who still packs me a yummy lunch to take to work.

One thing that made me laugh: Matt's dancing video at Check it out.

My new Serta mattress was delivered this morning and I'm lounging in bed as I write this. It has this funny smell which I hope will go mattress smell is certainly not as pleasant as new car smell.

I've spent the last 2 days offsite: Yesterday was our department holiday party. We had a meeting in the morning, and then went offsite to the west end for a catered lunch at a place where you can simulate flight in fighter jets. Ya, you read right. How's that for a corporate event? It was...interesting. Not something that I would go seek out and do on my own, certainly. I crashed and burned....a lot. I don't think I had any "kills" while I was in flight. At the end of the day, I was given the "Combat Drone Award" for "the selfless provision of missile target practice by using ones self as a live target, to aid in the skills development of your peers."

Today we volunteered as a group at the Chum City Christmas Wish warehouse for the morning filling toy orders. If you're interested in giving, there's a shortage of gifts for tweens and teenagers both male and female. We finished around 12:30, went out for lunch as a group and were given the rest of the day I did some Christmas shopping and spent the remainder of the afternoon writing my Christmas cards.

I surprised myself by heading to the gym tonight. I had a good run - no cramps while I ran my 5.3km - and no anger to motivate me this time...just pure determination. And it felt damn good. :)

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