Friday, December 29, 2006

Beads and admin stuff

My Vendor Permit arrived in the mail today from the Ministry of Finance. According to the letter, I have to file returns semi-annually now - even if there are no sales or sales tax to report. Bleh. More paperwork and administrative stuff to organize and see to - a necessary evil.

But the good thing about all this paperwork lately is that I can buy wholesale now. I went to Bamiyan Silver yesterday and it's quite amazing. They had aisles of drawers filled with findings and beads and finished jewelry, and they had seemingly endless strands of beads hung on their walls. I made the mistake of paying for just 1.5 hours of parking about 6 blocks away- not nearly enough time to explore the store. Thankfully they have an online presence so I can browse the pretties online before going to handpick them myself - especially with natural stones and their many minute variations and imperfections. I'm not nearly as particular with findings or sterling wire since these are fairly uniform and standard.

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