Thursday, December 28, 2006

Leftovers here, there and everywhere

My mother threw a big party Boxing Day, inviting over family and friends for a belated post-renovation housewarming. There was conversation and the usual half-serious arguments over the dull banging of mah jong tiles with the TV on in the background in the family room. The singers were gathered in the living room with mics in hand belting out their favourite Chinese songs. The "kids" hung out in the basement, playing videogames and just hanging out.

It was funny to see my two little cousins get along so well. S is rather rambunctious and R is like a little old man and we we were worried they'd fight, but they bonded over my brother's old video games and played nice together. A very pleasant surprise.

My sister who managed to make it home for the holidays for a few short days from the west coast left yesterday afternoon. We didn't have a lot of time to spend together, and ours has never been an easy relationship, but it was nice to have our family altogether. I'm sure my mother was very happy.
The kitchen counter was heavy with food - thank goodness most of the leftovers were divvied out because that's all I've been eating in the day: steak (or rather left over beef tenderloin/prime rib) and eggs since Christmas Day! My diet yesterday was rather random - rice and stewed pork for brunch around 10:30am, steak and eggs around 4pm, and a final raid of the fridge around 11:30pm for some leftover risotto.
I SOOO need to haul my big butt to the gym. I had good intentions of going yesterday, but instead, I spent it savouring the quiet at home. I slept in, watched TV, did lots of research online for my business. I only headed out to do a little shopping with my mother, and then in the evening, I headed to Chapters to browse magazines for jewelry ideas.
Today, I've plans to go shopping for beads as I've got an order for about 15 pieces by January 31st, and I've invited friends over for dinner: S&W gave me a creme brulee torch for my birthday last year that I have yet to use, so it will make it's debut tonight.
Feeling a little hungry now so I'm off to see what's good to eat...


The Lone Beader said...

Where do you order your bead supplies? (just curious) :)

phoenix said...

Now that I have a business number, I can buy wholesale! What a difference in price! I checked out Bamiyan Silver today and must go back again.

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