Saturday, August 28, 2010

Life on a Refrigerator Door

I first took notice of Alice Kuipers' Life on a Refrigerator Door  after reading Lainey's review 3(!) years ago.  I finally picked it up in my last Chapters/Indigo order and it really was a super-fast read.  You could most certainly finish it in one sitting, although I spread it out over 2.

It was good, although I found myself rather annoyed with the daughter because of how self-absorbed she seemed.  When my father was home sick, I made sure I was home to spend time with him - granted I was 9 and not 15 like the daughter, so didn't have a social life to speak of.

I also found the notes to be a bit contrived as the very short book neared its end...not exactly a good thing considering its brevity.

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