Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I trained tonight but in advance of that, I had a body composition reading and a fitness assessment, all part of a status check.

The awesome news is that I'm down 11% in total body fat from when I started training just over 11 months ago!  Yippee-ki-yay!  All those protein days during my burn phase totally paid off because it was during this phase that I dropped 7% to the 23.8% that I am today.  Now, I haven't lost a ton of weight - less than 10lbs - but I'm OK with that because lean muscle is denser than fat and I can feel the difference in my clothes. 

Plus I'm so much stronger than I once was!  I had 3 personal bests yesterday: I deadlifted 135lbs, the leg extension machine was loaded up with 170lbs and K brought back the hateful farmer's walk which I did with much glaring and silent cursing lugging 75lbs dumbbells - up 15lbs from my first and last walk.

So, what's next in terms of goals?  According to the chart to the right, I was "At Risk" when I first started but I've since dropped down to "Fitness."  The goal now is to cycle through another build and burn phase to sculpt myself into an "Athlete" with ~ 17% body fat. 

Now, if you knew me at all, you'd know that I am no Athlete.  My hand-eye co-ordination sucks eggs.  I was a flute soloist in my high school band and yearbook editor-in-chief for goodness sake!  How stereotypically non-Athlete could I be?  But that's the goal.  And I'm rather looking forward to it! :)

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