Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend Update

It was brilliantly sunshine-y and unseasonably warm in Toronto this weekend. I didn't get up to very much - mostly because I spent much of Saturday afternoon on my Macbook trying to buy tickets for the Olympics. Phase 3 of sales to Canadian residents were supposed to open at 1pm and I waited around for about 3 hours, catching up on my backlog of Google Reader and YouTube subscriptions, etc. I had 8 separate tabs open trying to get onto VANOC's sales site before I gave into my boredom and went shopping with my mom for her new mattress set. I figured I'd probably still be waiting by the time I got back but around 5pm, I received an email that because of technical difficulties, sales would be postponed until next Saturday. A whole afternoon wasted!

I had dinner at a Korean resto with my mom and her friend before making a stop at the nearby Chapters to find the Alphonse Muchas coffeetable book I'd spied Thursday but didn't buy. Well, I found it, as well as 3 other bargain buys - bookstores are far more dangerous for me than clothing stores - and then headed home to get organized. My desk is slightly less cluttered after the couple hours I put in archiving old statements and I changed my bedsheets so that I could use the Orla Kiely pillowcases I bought in London in the Spring but only just got back from Amsterdam. You like?

My plans for today included a Bodyflow class but because I spent most of yesterday afternoon waiting around in vain, I skipped my class and cleaned instead - something I desperately needed to do, particularly in the kitchen after the top of my vanilla protein shake flew off Monday and sprayed sticky shake all over my floors and cabinets.

I was supposed to check out the Edward Steichen photo exhibit at the AGO in the afternoon but because the weather was so lovely out, I browsed the shops along West Queen West instead and rounded out the day with dinner at Fresh.

The night's been a quiet one - as most Sundays are. My laundry's done and I've cleared away some more clutter and here I am, in front of my Macbook again. I thought I'd do some work but got sidetracked and am blogging instead. I guess I better get back to it, huh?

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