Thursday, November 12, 2009

Running on empty

My work-outs this week have been completely lacklustre and it's my own fault because I haven't been eating properly - and by not eating properly I mean I haven't been snacking in the afternoons to give myself enough energy.

Without fail, K will ask me what I ate during the day and I've disappointed him, and frankly, myself this week. It's no fun training when you feel like a weakling and that's what I've felt like this week. :(

You see those apple slices and that dollop of cottage cheese? That would be an ideal snack, but I hate cottage cheese. Like, ewww. But I could replace that cottage cheese with a handful of almonds...which I could have done today because I had not 1 but 2(!) apples at the office and keep in my drawer a container of almonds.

What did I do instead? I had a coffee in the afternoon around 3:30 because I had a fancy 3 course lunch at Frank with my team to celebrate the Fall planning sessions and wasn't feeling hungry in the afternoon.

Lesson learned here? Regardless of whether or not I feel hungry, I will have to eat to fuel up. No more whimpy-ass, frustrating work-outs. They suck and I don't want to suck anymore.

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