Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dish Jeans

For me, shopping for jeans is second to shopping for a bathing suit. I do it only when I have to - and I haven't had to do the latter forever since I'm not one for beach vacations - but for some reason yesterday, I decided to try a pair of jeans while I was at Girl Friday on Queen West. And I was pleasantly surprised. They were the trouser-cut "Jane" by Dish Jeans. The wash wasn't as dark as is my preference so the sales associate suggested the "Deseray" in the blue-black Portofino wash which was near perfect but I ended up leaving with a pair of the boot-cut Portofino "Desi" which has a higher waist then the usual nowadays but certainly not your mom's jeans.

They're super-comfortable and make my ass look fantastic!

Oh, and the price! I'm used to paying $200+ for my jeans, which is why I don't own more than a couple pairs at once, wear what I have until they're worn through and only then go out grudgingly to replace them. These at under $100 were a steal. So of course I bought them, despite having bought 2 new pairs recently from Mendocino when they had their Jeans Drive in support of Covenant House.

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