Sunday, November 08, 2009

Glass tops & chairs

While I was wiping the top of my Saarinen Tulip table knock-off from Ikea, I noticed tiny little nicks in the white finish and was reminded again of my original intent to top it off with a piece of glass, as I first saw in Marilyn & Peter's Home Studio house tour on Apartment Therapy:

Pier 1 has one in just the right size at an affordable price so I'll be making a stop there sooner rather than later.

The other change I've been contemplating for a while now is a new desk chair. I have Nuevo's Connie which is itself a copy of Eames' molded plastic chair but not a very comfortable one for even a couple hours at a desk. So I've been considering one of these:

Nelson Swag Leg Armchair, Overlapping Squares from West Elm and Thompson from StyleGarage

Hindsight being 20/20, I should have spent the extra money and gotten the real Eames instead. I tried the Thompson this afternoon but the back is too low for my comfort. The Overlapping Squares match the motif of a couple storage boxes in my bookcase but I'm thinking that be too matchy-matchy so I'm leaning towards the Nelson which is super-comfy, not to mention stylish - it kinda looks like it's laughing, donchathink? - and of course, the most expensive one in the mix.

1 comment:

Wanderluster said...

I like the Nelson best. It would definitely make a stylish desk chair.

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