Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Update

So, long week. On the work front, it's been quiet although I got some news that made me think harder about what it is I want to do next and where it is I want to do it. In fact, the next conversation in a series of conversations is slated for tomorrow morning so I'm got some prepping to do.

Otherwise, it's been a fairly expensive, but fun week. I went shopping Monday night at Banana because AL had an email discount for 25% off. I really didn't need anything but I've been really bored with my wardrobe so I bought a few things, including the linen blouse and shawl cardi here:
banana buys
banana buys by phoenixc featuring Banana Republic fashion

I also ate out almost every day this week: twice for lunch at the Queen Mother Cafe (Monday & Thursday), a Summerlicious dinner at Biff's Cafe (also Monday), take-out Burrito Boyz (after yoga on Wednesday), and finally, lunch at Bocca on Baldwin and dinner at Lee Garden on Friday. I'm not feeling as guilty about my poor diet this week as I thought I would be - particularly as I consumed about 1.5 bottles of wine this week along with those lunches and dinners and there was ice cream cake at work - twice. Next week I will do better.

I vowed not to spend any more money until the next long weekend which is 3 weeks away as I'm planning a shopping trip and visit to J, who lives in NJ, just on the other side of Philadelphia. I've already begun planning the days and while my initial thought was to shop them all away, it occurred to me that I should probably check out some of the sights seeing as I've never been to Philly maybe I'll run up the Rocky steps (though I've never seen any of the movies) and check out the art museum and the Liberty Bell, though I've heard that's rather underwhelming. Is there anything else I should check out?

But! I got to thinking a couple days ago while I was browsing for BBQ grills for my mother. I came across this buying guide and thought perhaps a charcoal grill is the solution for summer grilling since I don't have a gas line out to my balcony and propane tanks are a no-no in my condo. I had my eye on a compact Weber grill at Home Depot which I found online. I spent the afternoon today with my mother, driving from one big box store to another - Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire and finally Lowe's. HD didn't have the Weber grill I wanted in stock and I thought I was going to have to go without as I wasn't willing to pay for online delivery fees but I found this affordable, portable and compact Aussie Grills charcoal grill at Lowe's in a brilliant cobalt blue. I wasn't familiar with the brand but upon subsequent research, it's apparently the Weber of Australia, so it must be good, right?

Oh, and I bought an orchid, too - I'm hoping it survives beyond the first bloom. :)

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