Friday, July 03, 2009


Is it wrong for me to covet this bag?

It's a crazy sum but it's a classic investment bag that would last FOREVER.

For a long time I was anti-LV. But I finally succumbed 3 years ago with the purchase of the Sonatine below, which I'd been eyeing for at least as long. It was my gift to me for turning 30 and is the most I've ever spent on a bag that I've used maybe only a handful of times because it's not the most practical size for every day.

Anyway, I've been itching to buy things the last couple weeks and was browsing Roots when I came across the Olivia Bag and decided I had to have it as an affordable alternative to the LV bag above. I ordered in online Wednesday and it arrived today!! The leather is super soft and supple and it came with a dust bag made of organic cotton. The Lauren Tote I bought late last year didn't come with a dust bag. Wonder if that's a recent development, or a perk for ordering online?

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