Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Letting go

I'm taking an extra long Civic Holiday weekend beginning tomorrow morning when my mother swings by to pick me up for our mother-daughter road trip. We're heading to Sewell, NJ to visit J and his wife, M who are close friends of the family and to indulge in some serious retail therapy at outlets and malls in Philadelphia, and possibly Woodbury Common.

I've spent the last 18 months or so focusing my energies on settling into my new home, so have neglected the periodic additions that refresh a wardrobe. I've become more and more dissatisfied with my options in the morning and have decided it's time to rectify the situation.

The first step is to purge, which, as a packrat, is very difficult for me to do - I finally got down to business tonight after procrastinating the last year. I really should have seen to this before my move but it was easier to pack everything up and unpack it then to sort through it and make decisions about what stays and what goes. Silly, I know. I spent about 30 minutes tonight sorting through my drawers and closet and now have 2 bags - one of which will go to my mother, and the other to be donated. I could be more ruthless - there's still tons of stuff that I can do without - but like any disease, recovery can be slow.

The one good thing about editing before a big shopping trip is that I have a better sense of what styles I've maybe grown out and what needs to be replaced. I can't wait now to hit the first store on Friday!

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