Monday, February 02, 2009


...managed to haul my lazy butt into the gym tonight for my first run of the year and it was pretty good. I was a bit of a mess getting ready for it though because I had to charge up my ipod and find my misplaced runners. If I hadn't found them when I did, I might have bailed, but it's a new month and I received a reminder email about the Sporting Life 10K today with a free online training program to get ready for the upcoming Sunday in a few months so this was it. Besides, with my latest project more or less settled, I didn't have the excuse of work to keep me from going.

In fact, aside from a morning of meetings and a few minor to-dos coming out of them, I was a bit at a loss in terms of what to do in the afternoon. I've been so used to being on the constant go the last month that it felt really weird to actually have the time to think about what to do next...I actually had options.

Funny too, I'd forgotten how hungry I get after running...something I'll have to get used to again with a more regular running schedule.

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