Monday, February 16, 2009

Because I like fungis

I stopped at the supermarket near my gym after my run and picked up groceries to make myself Valentine's meals...a mushroom soup for lunch because I love fungi and a crusty mini loaf:

The finished product, after a couple mis-starts with my food processor, which I'm still getting the hang of:

I also picked up a couple steaks - 2 because I didn't want anyone to think me a loser for picking up one lonely steak on Valentine's Day of all days. Here's the first one, which I had for dinner Saturday along with green beans tossed in olive oil and sea salt, and garlic-chives mash:

And the second one, which I had for lunch the next day:


The Lone Beader said...

Haha. I pick up one steak all the time! Or one salmon! :D

phoenix said...

On any other day, I have no problem with picking up a single steak...but on Valentine's I'm just insecure. :)

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