Friday, April 06, 2007

Working on the grade

Work on grade level is well underway:

April 2 @ 9:31pm

April 3 @ 10:13am

As you can see from the image below, an adjustment was made to the camera's position sometime after the above screenshot was taken since the ramp down to the underground parking is no longer in view:

April 3 @ 12:55pm

It was a wet and gray drive into work Wednesday, and the men (and women?) on-site were wearing their yellow rain gear while working on-site (they look so cute and small!) The day eventually dries up enough that they are able to pour concrete in the afternoon:

April 4 @ 9:03am

April 4 @ 1:51pm

April 4 @ 2:38pm

April 4 @ 4:14pm

April 4 @ 4:42pm

April 5 @ 9:23am

Good Friday is a statutory holiday in Canada, so all is quiet on-site today:

April 6 @ 1:50pm

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