Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One Word Meme

Via Bookmark My Heart.

1. Where is your cell phone? Bag
2. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/lover? Non-existent
3. Your hair? Up
4. Your mother? Loving
5. Your father? Dead
6. Your favourite item? Book
7. Your dream last night? Nope
8. Your favourite drink? Martini
9. Your dream car? Coupe
10. The room you are in? Formal
11. Your ex? Vancouver
12. Your fear? Bugs
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Wiser
14. Who did you hang out with last night? Cousin
15. What you’re not? Patient
16. The last thing you did? Ate
17. What are you wearing? Fleece
18. Your favourite book? Alchemist
19. The last thing you ate? Dinner
20. Your mood? Reflective
21. Your friends? Good
22. What are you thinking about right now? Peru
23. Your car? Dirty
24. What are you doing at the moment? Meming
25. Your summer? Fun
26. Your relationship status? Single


adrienne said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Don't you think number 24 is sort of unnecessary? I mean, duh.

phoenix said...

Ya, I thought so too. But perhaps there are some talented multi-taskers out there ;)

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