Sunday, May 02, 2010

Perfect day for a 10K

Every year, on the first Sunday of May, Yonge Street shuts down for a few hours so thousands of runners can participate in the Sporting Life 10K. This is my third year running it and I ran my best time: 1:03:35. My goal had been to run it in an hour which I obviously didn't manage. In hindsight, I probably could have but I was too cautious of running out of gas too soon.

Here's a view of the crowd ahead of me:

The forecast had called for thundershowers and I was all set to bail if faced with heavy downpour in the morning but luckily the rain held until I was about 5 minutes from home, and then it only rained for a short while. It was actually the perfect morning for a 10K with nary a chill in the air. My first year was brisk to say the least.

I celebrated my best time with brunch at Earth beginning with a Kir Royale.

My trainer gave me the greenlight to use this day as a cheat day to eat anything I wanted, so I had Earth's version of Steak and Eggs - soooo good! What made it even better? We sat indoors so there was no chance of a little extra seasoning from the birds above ruining my perfect dish.

And dessert! I was allowed dessert! So I had the chocolate torte. It turned out to be a little too rich, an issue that would have been resolved if dessert had arrived before my latte ran out but service was s-l-o-w.

On our way back to the car which I'd parked on Roxborough, I noticed this amusing sight:

Someone's got a cheeky sense of humour! (I quite like her stripe-y tights!)

I'd booked myself a massage uptown and had an hour to kill so browsed the shops, leaving with this adorable frog prince tea light holder:

I rounded out my Sunday with groceries from Chinatown, lunch-making for the week, a quick dinner of salad and a nice long soak in the tub.

I really missed Sundays like this...

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LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Congratulations on the 10K!!!

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