Wednesday, December 09, 2009

DIY Chair

So, you know how I've been thinking about getting a new desk chair? After seeing this DIY in the latest House & Home, I thought maybe I won't get something new - brand new, that is. Maybe I'll hit up the vintage shops, something I really enjoy and haven't indulged in in awhile, and find a chair to re-finish and re-uphoslster, just like Michael Penney did here:

It's totally easy and I already have some of the tools after re-upholstering my mom's dining chairs a couple years ago....Oooh! A new project!!

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SweDaisy said...

I just read my copy of this months House and Home. This chair reno is really inspiring. I love all the different ways they used it once it was done.

Great job with your cookies, they look fantastic. I love how you packaged them.

Take care,

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