Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have a profile on an online dating site which I do nothing about. I get messages from guys that I'm not particularly interested in. I suppose I should be more proactive about it and take it more seriously but I find dating tedious. All this to say that I received this opening salvo tonight and I'm irked:

wow i think we would get along great do u like to u like to cuddle im a part time magician as in abracadabra lol fulltime <insert profession> but u will have to be able to laugh together u......and each other i sure hope to hear from you would love to talk more do u have msn aswel we could talk there too hope u are interested in having fun cant waiT

It was written by a 35 year old man(!!!) who is obviously seriously challenged when it comes to written communication. My grammar is by no means perfect - I still don't know when to use "whom" in a sentence - but I do my best to ensure proper punctuation. I simply can not take anyone seriously who isn't friends with a period, let alone a comma and doesn't capitalize. It offends me, it truly does.

This is one part-time magician - as in abracadabra, LOL - that won't be hearing from me.

That's all.


SweDaisy said...

I am writing this, rather scared that my grammer and puncutation will also be graded ;)

I've know some people to have some really "odd" incounters with online dating, and I have three very close friends that found their husbands online and have been happily married for years now. It's just like the "regular" daiting world I guess. You never know what you are going to get.

The nice thing with online is that you don't have to see the person's face when you let them down. Don't stop the search, that person is out there for you.

Take care,

The Lone Beader said...

haha very funny! (oops I should have used a capital V soooooo sorry... !) i'm sure u will find a suitable date but definitely not on a dating site... good luck ! ;)

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