Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunny Summer Saturday

It's a gorgeous day in Toronto with the summer weather we've been due FINALLY having arrived. Believe it or not, I started the day early - I was up and out before 8:30 in search of a paper but all the shops in my neighbourhood don't open until 9. I didn't have change to buy a paper from the box, so I had to make change, stopping at Tim Horton's for a large regular before heading back to the last Toronto Star box I saw at Queen and Spadina.

I was back at my place just after 9, made myself a quick breakfast sandwich and relaxed with the paper on my balcony. I recalled the last time I was out there and the sunburn and subsequent sexy snakeskin peel I got so I loaded up on the SPF 55 and soaked in the heat. So nice!

I spent the rest of the day doing a few things indoors, like brewing some black currant iced tea in my Crazy Daisy pitcher:

It's perfectly refreshing but needs to be after coming back from a grocery run, ahem, glistening with perspiration, I decided I needed a drink. So my brilliant brainstorm? A black currant caipirinha while I prepared the mango salsa to go with the grilled chicken for dinner tonight!

Then I'm off to see the geek in the pink, Jason Mraz, at the Molson Ampitheatre! I'm really looking forward to the concert and have been listening to his tunes most of the day.

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