Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bedroom I

Ever since I redeemed for my chair, I've been browsing furniture and design sites and playing with EQ3's Room Builder software daydreaming about how I'm going to furnish my condo come August.

I stumbled upon this purple and silver patterned wall paper at Habitat and would love to use this on the wall I plan for my bed. I'd paint the remaining 2 walls (the south wall is floor to ceiling windows) a moody deep purple.

I'll dress the bed with its upholstered headboard in crisp white linens and decorate it with throw pillows in various shades of silver grey and purple, and there'd be a cashmere throw folded casually at the end of the bed - I think in a light grey.

For some sparkle and light, I'd place a pair of lamps similar to this one by Zia Priven on my night table and Ikea's Hemnes 6-drawer dresser in white in the corner opposite my bed although I'd switch out the knobs with crystal ones that provide a bit more sparkle - I'd actually prefer the 8-drawer dresser (more storage) but I don't think I have enough clearance at the end of my bed.

I would love to have a glam chaise by the wall of windows to lounge in with a book on a quiet weekend afternoon but I don't think there's enough room for one.

In my mind's eye, this bedroom is luxurious, moody and glamorous. It remains to be seen how many other versions of this room I'll come up with between now and August.


missdelite said...

Umbra has cute accessories :-)

Jane Flanagan said...

This is so much fun and sounds like a gorgeous scheme. One wee thing I'd consider instead of the IKEA dresser - check out those stores along Queen like Rusteak etc. You can get furniture that's a lot more solid and then take it to be sprayed in the hue you want. It's a trick I see Sarah Richardson playing all the time, and it's a nice way to bring a older more hand-hued vibe into a brand new space. See her examples and source here: http://www.designinc.ca

I can't wait to hear more of your schemes!!

phoenix said...

You know, the thought had crossed my mind to find something and have it sprayed, just like Sarah, but then I think about the logisitcs of the where and how I'm going to get it there...and then I get lazy. :) Where's Rusteak? Is that Queen East or West? If it's West, I've probably walked into it without knowing many a time what it's name was and if it's East, I'm sure I've probably wandered in there at least once too.

Jane Flanagan said...

It's at Niagara - there are a bunch of those Asian furniture importers on that strip http://www.rusteak.com/
Another is Jalan @ Queen & Bathurst.

Yeah, the logistics of getting it to the sprayer is the big off-putter, esp. if you don't have a car, like me...

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