Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I met my friend, E, after work tonight. She plotted out my Chinese astrological chart and explained it to me. And can I just say that I'm more than a little bit spooked by what she told me.

The chart is based on date and time of birth, so everyone's will be unique, and it's mapped out in 12 boxes that form a rectangle, like this:

Each box relates to a different aspect, e.g. career, money, parents, marriage, children, friendship, etc., and depending on your birthday, the position of these aspects will change. Each box is also populated by different stars that will exert influence on that aspect and when you read the chart, you have to consider the aspect diagonal to it since the stars in that aspect may mitigate or intensify the other - so if the stars in aspect 2 are negative, their impact may be mitigated by really positive stars in aspect 8. All of this sounds similar to having one's astrological chart done according to one's zodiac sign, right?

The key difference here, however, is that each box has numbers in it which correspond to an the chart sort of reads like a road map for one's life - which, if "accurate" can be pretty spooky if you believe in that kind of thing. This being the case, E started off by asking me a few questions - the first of which was whether anything significant had happened to me when I was about 10. And the answer is that about a month before I turned 10, my father died, which was confirmed by the age 9 which fell in my parents' aspect - signifying, in this case, a seperation. The next significant age was 22 - the year I graduated university.*

We spent 2.5 hours talking about my chart and it is spooky how much of my past it reveals - E asked me when I came to Canada, but I was born here, so upon further probing, she asked if we moved when I was 15...and we didn't. The only thing I could think of was my mother's business moving from Toronto to Scarborough...I couldn't be certain about the timing...I knew it happened when I was in high school, so I put in a call to my mother, who confirmed it. And then there was what E could see about my siblings - I have a younger brother and sister so am the oldest. E said that usually, the oldest child is born early in the day, yet I was born in the afternoon, so I would be an exception. So she looked at my chart and said that there should have been more children - so I asked my mother when I got home, and there was another child after my brother, and my mother chose not to have it because my father was already sick with cancer at the time. How crazy is that? It can't be mere coincidence, can it?

I've always been interested in having my fortune read and I've been spooked in the past before given the fairly consistent readings of my past by 3 different to have what could be the road map to my life before me is kinda freaky, if any of this is to be believed.

Where love and marriage are concerned, I'm destined to marry later in life - if later means 36 - which is no different from what I've been told in the past - to a man of stocky build, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and I will have my first child a year after. In the near-term, this year will be rather blah - which is how I've been feeling - but things will pick up next year and I should be on track to become a millionare by the time I'm 38. Luckily for me, I've got a fantastic star in my wealth aspect, so I should retire by the time I'm 56 - which begs the question - how am I going to make my millions??

Is any of this to be believed? I suppose time will tell....

* Until 2004, Ontario was the only province in Canada that required students to complete a 5th year of high school, otherwise known as the Ontario Academic Credit year.


Jane Flanagan said...

As a total rationalist and absolute skeptic, my instinct is always to call "bullshit". That said, I'm a Cancerian and completely a typical crab (tough exterior, mushy interior) and I too have had the eerily accurate fortune told. I guess my instinct is always to accept it insofar as its helpful, but to not let it dictate choices. I read my stars whenever I see them and sometimes think "wow" but it never alters what I would otherwise do.
But of course you'll be a millionaire, because regardless of fortune shite there's a strong part of me that needs to believe that talent is ultimately recognised.

The Lone Beader said...

Interesting... My friend keeps telling me to go to the fortune teller, too... I love the concept of these types of things, but I'm not sure they are reliable... Just keep livin life, and destiny will follow=:)

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